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Promotional Robotics Classes

Welcome to the wonderful world of robots! This Hands-on Robotics course by Scienzminds enables students to work as young robotic engineers.Students Build, Program and Test Robots.They learn how to build  robots incorporating various Sensors and Motors.

Policies And Terms
Registration Required For Voucher Holders.

Lego Robotics Ages 6-8Scienzminds LEGO Robotics : 6-8 Yrs 11 months
This Hands-on Robotics course by Scienzmind is for the 6-8 yrs 11 months age group. In this course by Scienzmind, kids learn how to build robots incorporating various Sensors and Motors. Students learn a drag and drop programming interface on the WeDo platform. They program the robots that they built to perform various actions. Kids learn several science concepts in a fun & engaging way, while they develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
Lego Robotcs Ages 9-14Scienzminds LEGO Robotics : 9-14 Yrs
In this course children in the 9-14 age group learn how to Navigate the software Programming interface, NXT-G. Students learn how to use the Sound Sensor, Light Sensor, and Ultrasonic Sensor to build a robot the follows their command. Scienzminds provides an enjoyable yet challenging classroom environment in which students learn important 21st-century skills such as creative problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and teamwork. They learn while at the same time having Fun!

Promotional Robotics Classes Schedule

Classes are 1 hour in duration:Classes are for the Same Time Slot for 3 consecutive Weeks.
Closed During Spring Break Week

Age Group: 6-8 yrs 11 months
(Class times will be assigned on a first come first serve basis)

Registration and Schedules Open August 5th 2014

Age Group: 9-14 yrs
(Class times will be assigned on a first come first serve basis)

Registration and Schedules Open August 5th 2014

Location:Ashburn Center


44190 Waxpool Road, Suite #162, Ashburn, VA 20147


Classes conducted in the  Polaris Smart Building

POLICY:Online Registration required. Go online at Promotional Robotics to register and redeem. This promotion is ONLY valid for the Ashburn, VA location. Your voucher is valid ONLY for the Class dates and times printed on it. You cannot switch , or redeem online for a different date. The Promotional robotics classes are NOT offered beyond the published dates, so its important that you register for those dates to get the benefit of the discounted voucher price. No make-up or refunds for missed class. No partial weeks allowed.No refund or re-scheduling for No-Shows. Cannot combine more than one voucher for the same student . Students will be grouped strictly according to two age groups. 6 yrs 1 month to 8 yrs 11 months, 9-14 yrs. Must be past the lower age limit. You are required to follow Scienzminds Policies, classroom and pickup rules – a copy of which will be available on location and online. The lessons offered for these classes could constitute a portion of a more extensive course. You can enquire about options for continued enrollment at end of the classes. You should notify teacher of special needs when you come to class.
Any other questions Contact :